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PickStar’s proprietary platform makes it super easy for you to book inspiring and motivational athletes and sports personalities as guest speakers at your next function or event, at a price set by you.

There’s no denying that sports stars, athletes and sports personalities are a great choice for any event or experience. Whether an athlete, player, pundit, commentator or sports journalist, these men and women are ideal draw cards that are highly experienced at engaging with and evoking a positive response from your audience.

PickStar’s range of guest speakers are available all across Australia. PickStar’s technology ensures you can quickly locate and book the best stars for any event in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and throughout regional Australia.

Why So Many People Choose PickStar

  • Speakers For every budget

    You establish your budget and shortlist your preferred speakers. They will respond directly with their interest and availability. PickStar speakers can also apply to be considered for your opportunity – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the top speakers that will be keen to work with you!

  • Fast and easy process

    PickStar’s platform ensures guest speakers are instantly notified of your request. Once approved you could start to see who is interested in your request in as little as an hour. Our instant messaging system makes communication a breeze, allowing you to directly engage with guest speakers who are booked for your upcoming event.

  • Best fit talent

    As Australia’s largest sports talent marketplace, PickStar gives you access to an unrivalled depth of sports talent who can confidently speak across unlimited specialties including resilience, mental health, leadership, business and any other relevant subjects to suit your event.

Most Popular Guest Speakers

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Wide Variety of Specialist Speakers

Use our filtering system to find the perfect speaker for your event

    Mental Health Speakers

    The importance of positive mental health cannot be understated and our athletes have had countless experiences and challenges that they would love to share as a guest speaker at your next event.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

    Australian sports love to celebrate our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture due to the rich history and incredible sporting talents that are displayed. Our proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speakers offer a unique perspective of life as a sports star.

    International Women's Day

    There's nothing more empowering to young girls than seeing a woman who has achieved what they thought was impossible, choose from our sportswomen who have done it all to inspire our next generation of superstars.

    Business & Leadership

    Leadership is an essential skill to have in any team and our sports stars have it in spades, our athlete guest speakers can teach your team how they managed to lead in high performance environments.

    Motivational Speakers

    You can't reach the highest level of your chosen field without motivation, our stars can inspire any group into action through their anecdotal stories as a guest speaker at your next event.

    Keynote Speakers

    Our marketplace provides athlete keynote speakers that can speak on specialist topics relating to the central theme of your event, search for any subject on our website to access specific speakers.

Get Inspired

    Libby Trickett headshot Libby Trickett headshot
    Top five guest speakers on mental health

    For many businesses and organisations, breaking mental health stigma and helping people develop coping strategies and tools are top priorities.

    Frasers Perth 4th July 2019 120 of 141 Frasers Perth 4th July 2019 120 of 141
    Danny Green thrills the crowd with his life story

    McMillan Shakespeare Group wanted to engage the audience and provide an entertaining break during the evening during their a professional development event.

    200 Jason Akermanis 200 Jason Akermanis
    Jason Akermanis shares stories from his career

    The Norwood Junior Football Club raised funds to increase participation with a successful AFL guest speaker focusing on how winning isn't everything.

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