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Book AFL and St Kilda Saints star James Begley for guest speaking, events, marketing, fan experiences and more, in South Australia and around Australia.


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Playing with Lenny Hayes 

Breaking a Nathan Buckley tackle


An Adelaide boy drafted to St Kilda for 4 years and then spent 3 years at the Adelaide crows. Retiring with 61 games at the age of 25 I back packed around South America, America and Europe for 1 year at the age of 25. I have lived in Melbourne for 5 years and now Perth for 7. I am entrepreneurial in spirit and enjoy challenging myself with new possibilities. I have started 2 businesses Tract Group and PickStar. Check them out


Listed AFL player for 7 years. Leadership and High performance consultant with Leading Teams in 2007. By the age of 27 I was General Manager of Leadership and Development with the Fremantle Football Club. Over the last two years I have founded two businesses. Tract Group is a leadership and development business whilst PickStar is a business that connects sports stars with opportunities.

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