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Olivia Vivian
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Ninja Warrior & Olympian

A little bit about me

Olivia Vivian is an Australian artistic gymnast/ Ninja Warrior who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics and medaled at the 2014 Commonwealth games. She is very well known, world wide, as Australia's first and only female to make it to the grand final, in field of both men and women, on Australian Ninja Warrior. Liv backflipped up the warped wall making a very difficult obstacle look effortless.

If you need an extensive list of Olivia's achievements and ability to overcome hardships, don't hesitate to google or YouTube her name. What Google won't tell you, is of her ability to entertain, motivate, and to capture the attention of the whole room. More times than none, without the use of a microphone or notes as she speaks from her experiences.

She also has many stories regarding injury, adapting to team environments and bouncing back from complacency and laziness through her career. Olivia is a sure thing when it comes to speaking in front of all sorts of audiences. She’s a natural speaker and role model who talks from the heart and you won’t be disappointed by feedback responses when chosen to speak, attend or participate in any event.


  • 2017/2018 & 2019 Top Female competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior
  • Only female to make it to the grand final of Australian Ninja Warrior
  • 2019 Ninja OCR World Champion
  • 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • Silver medal at 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • 2011 Pac 10 Champions in NCAA Gymnastics and All-American status
  • 7 times National Champion on the un-even bars


  • Born with Diaphragmichernia - survived an immediate operation at birth that only 1 in three children survive
  • She competes (and often podiums) in competitive field of both Men and Women in Ninja Warrior
  • As a child was told she would be too tall to be successful
  • Specialty in the Un-even bars
  • At 25, she's the oldest competing female gymnast that Australia has had
  • Single handedly set up a café named 'The Leaky Tap' in honour of her deceased father Craig


  • Extremely versatile presenter that can relate and focus her talks and tasks to ANY age group
  • Impressive abilities to entertain, motivate, relate, inspire and educate
  • Numerous school visits
  • Business and cooperate meetings and discussions
  • Motivational speeches
  • Entertainment talks
  • TV commercials
  • Charity and fundraiser work
  • Health promotion, for example with 2 Fruit & 5 Veg

To read more on Olivia's story, check out her featured article on Athlete's Voice through the link below:


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